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Instructions and Information

Our goal is to help you find a starting point in the Language Arts/English curriculum that is challenging, but not too difficult. Your student will complete at least two assessments (possibly several). You will use the scores from these assessments to find K12's placement recommendation.

Language Arts/English Placement Assessments are offered for all grades through middle school and consist of up to three steps:

  • Step 1, for all grades: Administer the appropriate Reading Placement Assessment.
  • Step 2, for grades 3-middle school only: Administer a Language Skills Placement Assessment.
  • Step 3, for grades 3-middle school only: Administer a Writing Assessment.

Explaining the Test to Your Student

It's important that your student understands why he or she is taking the test. Explain that its purpose is to help you choose what your student learns next in Language Arts/English.

The Test Environment

When you give the test, make sure your student is well rested and has adequate time to complete the test in a relaxed way. Give the test in a well-lighted area that is comfortable for your student and free of distractions and interruptions (maybe the dining room or kitchen table).

Test Duration

These assessments are not timed, but you should allow 30-60 minutes to complete each assessment. Your student may take breaks as necessary, but we recommend that you try to complete testing within a three-day period.

NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print the tests. Click here to download the free software.

Now, give the test.


Questions? Please review our Placement Test FAQs (PDF) or call 1-888-YOUR K12.

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